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Read the title. Then read it again, and again and again.
Read it until it becomes commonplace for you.
Not only is he a terrible role model, but he’s completely washed up too! Face it, all you golf schmucks, HE’S NOT COMING BACK. Find someone new you can really feel good about sinking a 12-footer on 18 at Augusta.
Since 2018 began, out of 12 tournaments, only three times has he finished better than 10th. He has yet to win a tournament, and he’s missed the cut twice.
But here’s the problem: when I turn on the TV, there’s only one name I see. Tiger Woods.
No matter what channel or network, it’s always the same. You turn on ESPN, Tiger Woods. Golf Channel, Tiger Woods. FOX Sports, NBC Sports, CBS, Tiger Woods.
Shame on the networks. It’s a pity that they care more about money than the people who actually should be receiving attention.
At the Quicken Loans National two weekends ago, I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head who won, but I could damn sure tell you that Tiger finished fourth.
It’s an absolute travesty that I had to look up the fact that Francesco Molinari won the tournament by EIGHT STROKES. The Italian shot a 21 under, absolutely torching the previous tournament-record of 14 under. He carded 21 birdies, an eagle and just two bogeys in a showcase of some of the finest golf of the year!
But did you know that?
Chances are, you probably didn’t because every network is focused on Tiger, who, might I remind you, hasn’t won an event since the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in 2013 or a major since the U.S. Open in 2008.
He’s No. 69 in the world golf ranking, yet he garners the most attention from media, and the discrepancy isn’t even close.
I previously mentioned that he’s a terrible role model, and that’s 100 percent accurate. Tiger Woods is not someone you bring home to introduce to your teenage daughter…or even your divorced 45-year-old sister in-law.
Where do I even begin?
How about his infidelity scandal in 2009, where he had extramarital affairs, in which he confirmed to have relationships with over a dozen different women?
Or how about the treatment of his ex-caddie, Stevie Williams? Williams went on the record in 2015 to say, “It was like I was his slave.” After Tiger fired Williams, the caddie aided Adam Scott, who went on to win a tournament shortly thereafter.
Still believe Tiger is a great guy? Okay, one more example. How about when he was arrested as recently as 2017 for a DUI of prescription drugs? If you have a child, is this really the guy you want them taking an example from? Yet, once again, he receives more media coverage than any other golfer.
I truly, truly do not understand the love affair between golf fans and Tiger Woods. Is he a top-three golfer of all time? Absolutely. Was he once the most masterful player of his time? Absolutely. Was he fun to follow between 1997 and 2009? Absolutely. But is he fun to watch now? 
Please, I’d rather watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians over Tiger Woods.
Chris O’Brien is a sports writer. Follow him on Twitter @THEChrisOB and contact him at

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